"I couldn't live with the knowledge that you are taking my place."
— Annwyl to Kierran in The Iron Traitor, page 169

Annwyl is an ex summer faery who lives with Leanansidhe in the Between. Her first appearance was in the Iron Knight, although her identity wasn't revealed until The Lost Prince.


The Iron KnightEdit

In Ash's "dream" Annwyl is seen at Ellysium, Kierran having sought her out.


Annwyl is a Summer faery and uses Summer glamour. Although prior to The Iron Traitor tapping into these abilities will cause great discomfort for Kierran due to the charm, preventing the fade.

She draws on Kierran's glamour, through a charm provided to her by Guro. The charm prevents her from fading, but causes a similar effect on Kierran.


Annwyl is described to have a willowy figure and chestnut hair. She also has green eyes.

During the Iron Traitor she slowly grows translucent, nearly disappearing before Guro makes the charm, returning her to normal.

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