I never intended to marry you, human. This was a game, and the game is over now. Go home. Forget all of this, because I'm going to do the same.
Ash to Brynna in The Iron Knight

Brynna was the first mortal girl who Ash seduced and broke, causing her grandmother to place a curse on him. She had died of a broken heart during depression, unable to sleep, drink, or eat, until her body gave out.


The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron KnightEdit


Brynna was very naive, was usually unknowing of what's going on around her, and loved flowers and shiny, precious objects. She believed that Ash loved her, which makes her very gullible.


Brynna had long, thick, dark brown hair, with huge, dark brown eyes that gave her the appearance of being a constantly startled deer. She was slender, pale, and graceful, barefaced and simple clothes, often barefooted.


Brynna was in love with Ash, but he broke her heart and left her.  Brynna died of depression and a broken heart.