It's an e-book which comes after the book "The Iron Knight" and before the book " The Lost Prince "

Iron's Prophecy
Author Julie Kagawa
Cover Designer N/A
Publication date September 1, 2012
Publisher Harlequin Teen
Publication Order
Preceded by
The Iron Knight
Followed by
The Lost Prince
Coming Soon.

In Iron's Prophecy, Meghan Chase is finally getting used to being the Iron Queen, ruler of the Iron Fey. Her life may be strange, but with former Winter prince Ash by her side at last, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

But when they travel to the Summer and Winter courts’ gathering for Elysium, the oracle from Meghan’s past returns with a dire prophecy: “What you carry will either unite the courts, or it will destroy them.” Now Meghan faces a devastating choice that may determine the future of all fey—her unborn child…

Detailed Plot SummaryEdit

Ash and Meghan are finally married and are rulers of the Iron Fey. At Elysium the Oracle tells her than what she carries will either unite the courts or destroy them, hinting that Meghan is now pregnant. Soon they meet up with Robin Goodfellow and set off to go to the Wishing Tree with Grimalkin. When the Oracle shows Meghan her possible future, Meghan still refuses to give up her child even though it may destroy the courts. Because of that decision the Oracle traps Meghan in her realm until Ash and Puck save her. The book ends with Ash naming the child Keirran.


“Know that I'm with you always, even if you can't see me.”

“I'm sorry. But I am the Iron Queen, and you are in my way.”