The Iron Realm, with its capital Mag Turiedh, is the part of Nevernever where the Iron fey live. It is ruled by Queen Meghan. It is a much newer realm then the oldblood courts (the Seelie and Unseelie), created by the hopes, dreams, and fears of humans only once technology began spreading and developing.


The Iron KingEdit

In The Iron King, The Iron Realm was unknown to other fey. However, when King Machina requested to see Meghan Chase, the fey were informed of this new court.

The Iron DaughterEdit

The Iron QueenEdit

The Iron KnightEdit


As the Iron Realm is iron glamour, it should be no surprise that they are not well liked by the other denizens of the Nevernever. Their peace is very uneasy.




  • Iron Horses
  • Gremlins
  • Spider hags
  • Iron sidhe
  • Packrats
  • Hacker elves
  • Iron dragons
  • Cable snakes
  • Clockwork hounds
  • Clockwork golems
  • Clockwork horses
  • Clockwork men
  • Cog dwarves
  • Pixel pixies
  • Digital sprites
  • Wire nymphs
  • Steel harpies
  • Silverwing falcons
  • Gliders
  • Sparkplug gnomes
  • Onyx scorpions
  • Wiremen
  • Iron centaurs
  • Luminas (iron realm version of will o' the wisps)
  • Computer wizards
  • Iron wyrms
  • Iron spiders
  • Iron cats

Important People of the Iron CourtEdit

Weather and HabitatEdit

The Iron realm used to be a smog-covered, polluted wasteland due to the evils of the Iron King. Acid rain would fall, piles of junk dominated the land and cables, wires and power lines ran everywhere. The capital of the Iron Realm was, and still is, Mag Tuiredh, a city formerly inhabited by the colossal Formorians. Great deserts held lost things from the real world, plains were made of obsidian, molten pools of lava were dotted here and there, and underground tunnels were used by packrats. The Royal Palace in the center of Mag Tuiredh is made of stone, steel and glass and is the biggest castle in the enitre Nevernever. Ever since the rule of the Iron Queen, flowers and grass grew, the sky shines blue and sunny, the rain falls clear and pure, and Summer and Iron glamour now peacefully coexists in Meghan's kingdom. The Iron Realm has become much more beautiful than ever. But the normal fey, that is, the summer and winter fey, cannot enter the iron kingdom lest they suffer the ill effects of iron.

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