Machina is the second Iron King after Ferrum. He wanted to take Meghan as a wife before she killed him. He was the purest and best Iron King, and helped Meghan finally understand she saved the Nevernever and how she did it by sacrificing herself.


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Glitch was Machine's first lieutenant and his most trustworthy one. After Machina's death, Glitch used his kingdom as his base with a few of his followers. He refused to follow the false king..


Virus was Machina's second lieutenant. After Machina's death, Virus tried to rise to power by stealing the Winter Scepter of Seasons and was then killed in battle by Ash.


Ironhorse was Machine's last lieutenant. After Machine died, Ironhorse refused to follow the false king, Ferrum, and joined the rebels, Ash, Puck, and Meghan in hopes of defeating the false king. He was slayed in a battle against Virus.


Machina is conflicted, but not an enemy of Meghan's. His only desire was to combine powers with her, not destroy fey - which he showed when he gave his power to Meghan. He seems strong and unreachable, but he's a very smart and properly thought-out character. He sent his followers to Meghan so she could become his wife, but then was an ally of Meghan's in The Iron Queen.


He is described as tall and elegant, with flowing silver hair and the pointed ears of the fey nobility. He faintly resembles Oberon, though, unlike Oberon and the finery of the Summer Court, the Machina wears a stark black coat that flaps in the wind. Energy crackles about him, and Meghan describes, "flashes of lightning in his slanted black eyes."

He has a metal stud in one ear and Bluetooth phone in the other. His face is beautiful, all sharp planes and angles, and his smile is said to light up the room.

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