Paul is the non-biological father of Meghan Chase. He was married to Meghan's mother Melissa. They were told by doctors that they would never have children, which indicates that Paul was steril. When Melissa got pregnant with Meghan, he was overjoyed, and it didn't occured to him, that he wasn't the father. He loved Meghan, but after she was born, strange things happened in the house. Things disappeared and turned up in the strangest places and Meghan was found outside her crib, once even outside the house. While Melissa knew what was going on, Paul thought that the house was haunted. The family moved away, and things seems to be normal until Paul disappeared on Meghan's sixth birthday. He was taken by Leanansidhe for his amazing pianist ability. He had lost most of his memoy living in the Between for several years, but was reunited with his stepdaughter in The Iron Daughter. He later began to regain some of his memory, but continues to live in the Nevernever with his daughter. [1]


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