I guess the sacrifice of my dignity is the only thing that will save us now. The things I endure for love. The Fates laugh at my torment
— Puck to [Meghan Chase in The Iron King, pg. 89

Robin Goodfellow (aka Robbie Goodfell and Puck) is a powerful summer fey ordered by Oberon to watch over Meghan in the mortal world. Puck and Meghan have been good friends since she was about ten years old. Puck stayed close to Meghan and disguised himself as a human boy named Robbie Goodfell. He was the rival to Ash and is in love with Meghan.


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The Iron King

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Robin Goodfellow makes two small appearances in the book. The first is on Ethan's first trip to Central Park, where he helps defeat a group of the Forgotten. The other is near the end of the book when he is accompanying Ash to rescue Ethan and Keirran from "The Lady". 


Puck has vivid crimson, spiky hair.  His bright green eyes are described as 'Bright Emerald Green' in the first book of the trilogy 'The Iron Fey'. They usually have a mysterious glint in them which Meghan says never leaves entirely. He is tall in the human world and apparently grows when he drops his glamour in the Nevernever. He is tall, lean, and lanky. He is often described as handsome in a lean muscled and playful way, and has tan skin. He could also be described as having limbs that don't fit.

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Puck is funny, loyal, mischievous, lovable, kind, and slightly annoying.