Someday, if Mab ever gets tired of being queen, it will be mine to accept, to rule.
— Sage to Meghan Chase in The Iron Daughter, pg. 59

Sage was Queen Mab's oldest son and the brother to Ash and Rowan. He was killed by Tertius and his Iron Knights.


The Iron DaughterEdit

Sage and Meghan meet in the Winter Court. Meghan first sees Sage when he and his brothers return from searching for the Iron Realm. Later, he takes Mehan on a walk to talk to her, and to see the Scepter of the Seasons. However, he is interrupted by Tertius, who kills him.

Meghan eventually finds out that Rowan had sent Tertius to kill him and steal the Scepter.


Queen Mab



Meghan Chase


Sage is presented as a very intellingent, self contained fey, unlike his brothers.  Sage also, unlike Ash and Rowan, is respectful of women and does not use them like toys, as exhibited in his behavior toward, and treatment of, Meghan during her stay at Tir na Nog. He is the only royal who remotely tries to make her feel welcome and genuinely cares for her safety and well being. Not much is known about Sage, but he seems to be a calm Winter fey.


Sage is incredibly handsome like his brothers, with straight, shiny black hair that falls to his waist, high cheek bones, a pale complection and ice-green eyes.

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