No loafers in my kitchen.
— Sarah in The Iron King, page 150

Sarah Skinflayer is a Summer Faery and the head of the Summer Court's kitchen. Meghan was sent to her by Queen Titania to work.


The Iron KingEdit

Meghan is sent to work in the kitchens by Titania. Sarah doesn't want Meghan there because she had all the help she needed, but Tansy tells her the queen had ordered it, so Sarah has no choice but to make Meghan work. Every time Meghan stopped to rest after her rigorous chores, Sarah would appear and rush her to another chore. When she found Meghan sitting on a stool, she gave her a broom that swept by itself and Meghan couldn't let go until she snapped her fingers. She also managed to botch Meghan's plans of escape by always being around.

Sarah soon began to look at Meghan with grudging respect, though when some knights came to collect Meghan, Sarah claimed she had been nothing but in the way, and that she was happy to get rid of her. When Meghan left, however, Sarah glared at her and Meghan oddly felt guilt.


Sarah is a cruel, troll-like woman. Meghan was made to clean up the kitchens by her demand and was not allowed to stop for a small second. She treated Meghan like any other slave or servant.


Sarah is a huge, green-skinned woman with thick tusks and brown hair. When she smiled at Meghan, it was shown her teeth were blunt and yellow. Meghan describes her as a troll woman.