The Lady was the First Queen of the Nevernever, she is known by other various titles, the most common one in the Call of the Forgotten series is The Lady.


Before Edit

When the First Queen ruled the Nevernever those were chaotic, bloody times. The Mortal World lived in fear of the fey, terrified of the Good Neighbors and the creatures that lurked in the dark. Humans worshipped them, prayed to them and made sacrifices in the fey's name. Not one human doubted the existence of the Good Neighbors, and those that did were quickly reminded what would happen if they forgot.

The Iron Knight Edit

Though she doesn't appear, The Thin Man mentions her as "that ripple awakened a long-sleeping darkness. A darkness that was never meant to stir. And now she is in the world again, and the things that had nearly Faded away are coming back."

The Iron Prince Edit

Her name is mentioned a lot, amongst her servants and amongst those who oppose her. She only appeared towards the very end of the book.

The Iron Warrior Edit

It is in this book that her role is the most important. She used Kierran as her tool and her secret weapon. When Kierran yet again changes sides, she shows her powers.


The Iron Prince Edit

She is described as pale, with a little color in her cheeks and full lips. Her eyes are crystal blue, but changes color to blue-green, amber and black then back again. Her hair is colorless, twisting around into fog at the ends. She wears a billowing robe with a high neck. Ethan describes her face as young, perfect and painfully sad. Her wings, or rather, broken bones which had been wings, raise from her shoulders.

The Iron Warrior Edit

The glow of power surrounds her, jet-black hair flowing around her, eyes shifting from green to blue to solid black in the light. Her wings are full and as dark as a raven’s, the feathers giving off faint, metallic shivers as they moved in the breeze.


She controls glamor easily, manipulating all except Iron glamor. When fighting, her wings ware able to shoot her feathers like projectiles.

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